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Is your pension safe?

Is your pension safe?

MSN Article 7.27.2012 – For the full article click on the following link –

If a defined benefit pension is part of your retirement plan, there’s good news and bad news.   Find out what you need to know to protect yourself.

The big attraction of traditional pensions is their promise of security. They’re […]

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Can my pension be reduced?

The CNN online article below could be a helpful resource for those selling structured cash flows.
Can my pension be reduced?
By Karen McGowanOctober 21, 2008: 11:26 AM ET
Question: Does the current crisis have any effect on my defined-benefit pension plan? I just turned 55 and was getting ready to start drawing from it. Will the amount […]

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Are You Worth More Dead Than Alive?

Article from the NY Times –


Published: August 10, 2012 23 Comment

‘Do you see lights?” Ruben Robles asked his brother, Mark, in 2007. Bright, star-shaped and white, they flashed before Ruben’s eyes while he was driving, shopping at Costco, feeding the cats. Mark didn’t see anything, so Robles went to a doctor, who […]

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Is Easy Money Eroding Your Wealth?

Park 30% in Gold – Asia Business News – CNBC

Investors would need to keep at least 10 to 30 percent of their portfolio in physical gold to preserve their wealth when money starts losing value amid expectations of further stimulus measures from major central banks, according to Juerg Kiener, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer […]

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Evolution in Motion…

In order to succeed in today’s financial industry we need to evolve. For insurance agents and planning professionals this includes the ability to expand our current product offerings beyond traditional solutions. is a resource directory for seasoned insurance agents and planning professionals to find the best alternative product solutions, planning strategies and business […]

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10 Steps involved in selling your structured settlement.

Often, when the recipient of a structured settlement experiences some sort of financial struggle, 1 of the most viable options to provide some level of relief is to consider selling all or part of this guaranteed periodic payment arrangement.  Considering the unpredictable global economic market, it is not challenging to understand why recipients of these […]

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Life Settlements in the Media

“Trading in life insurance policies held by wealthy seniors has quietly become a big business. Hedge funds, financial institutions like Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, and investors like Warren E. Buffett are spending billions to buy life insurance policies from the elderly..”
Charles Duhigg, “Late in Life, Finding a Bonanza in Life Insurance” – York New […]

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Interview With Marc Faber: Gold Still Best Portfolio Antidote For Excessive Debt

Swiss-born and educated Marc Faber’s distinct voice is a common sound on CNBC and Bloomberg TV when it comes to big-picture forecasting in investments. The contrarian views of his “Gloom, Boom & Doom Report” often garner headlines, but Faber does go along with the crowd when it comes to pointing out the dangers of rising […]

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Is an Ounce of Gold Worth $10,000? – Casey Research

Gold at $1,650 an ounce seems pricey to most investors simply because it costs five times more than it did a decade ago. However, $1,650 an ounce is actually a bargain if one were to price gold using the same formula that the US government used for many years. In the past, the federal government […]

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Outlook on Gold, Inflation, Supply & Demand

From Richard Russell, editor and publisher of Dow Theory Letters, in remarks posted on his website on May 7th:

”Despite what you hear, the fundamentals remain.  The world is creating too many goods.  There’s too much merchandise for sale.  The US and Europe can’t absorb it all.  Ultimately, this means one thing.  A lot of manufacturers […]

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